SANHISOC/ Health in Society has developed during the last decade a research program on international health, mainly focused from a Spanish perspective. A series of competitive research projects and complementary actions based on lectures, conferences and exhibitions lend credibility to our research activities: Social Movements and International Organizations.

The Spanish health during the interwar period (1919-1946) (BHA2003-03003), The Spanish health in the international context. Health conferences, League of Nations and International Organizations 1851-1975 (CONSOLIDER-MICINN HUM2006-06098), International Health and transfer of scientific knowledge. Europe 1900-1975 (HAR2011-23233) and The transfer of scientific knowledge on health: hunger, nutrition and vaccinations (1900-1975). The results of this research produced a significant amount of publications endowed with international impact.

Prior to the last decade, members of SANHISOC/Health in Society research group developed initiatives on specific aspects on the history of public health in Spain and organised seminars on health and disease in Valencian municipalities (1994-2003). A series entitled Trobades (1994-2007) gathered a part of these activities. In addition the Balmis Group of Community Health and History of Science (University of Alicante) developed various issues and promoted exhibitions on health in the city: Alicante in the 19th century (2013) and on the origins Spanish Society of Epidemiology (2014) complemented with other in Valencia on Scietific Republican Exile (2010) and Science and Culture in Wartimes, the Institut d’Estudis Valencians (2014).

SANHISOC / Health in Society has actively participated in the Network Rural Health in Europe. After organising several symposia of the topic, it followed the publication of the book Health and Medicine in Rural Europe (2005), and a monograph on rural health in Europe, a comparative perspective in the British International Journal for Comparative Studies. We held in 2008 an international symposium on rural health and edited the monograph Making a New Countryside. Health Policies and Practices in European History, ca. 1860-1950. Health in rural areas, associated with living conditions and food, remains a key point of analysis in health policy in the twentieth century.

Similar attention has been payed to the history of food and nutrition in contemporary Europe. A monograph-dossier on Nutrition and health during the first half of the 20th century was published in the journal Food and History (2008) and two ofSANHISOC members edited Nutrición, Salud y Sociedad. España y Europa en los siglos XIX y XX.

Our last contribution based on the previous project has delved into the historiographical reflection on the concepts of circulation and transfer of scientific knowledge from a European perspective between 1900 and 1975, taking into account the different historical contexts and the role of the state, industry, public opinion and social policy during the interwar period, the impact of the world wars and the Cold War.

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