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Research Project – SANHISOC

Research Project



The coordinated project “HEALTH DISASTER AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION IN TIME OF CRISIS. EUROPE 1918-1945” (MINECO-HAR2017-82366-C2-1, 2018-2021) is a continuation of previous projects developed by SANHISOC / Health in Society research group (www.sanhisoc.es). The previous coordinated project funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO) was «Health Policies in Europe of the Twentieth Century» [POLISAN] (2015-2017) consisting of two subprojects: «Health policies, scientific research and risk between the Great War and the end of Franco» and » The international context of nutrition and food policies in developmental Spain (1959-1975).» Its historiographical originality consists of a transnational perspective based on the comparative analysis of national approaches, which acquire meaning from the international context. Key elements of this analysis are: the international framework of health cooperation, national health policies, institutions, experts and international organizations, and the configuration of hegemonic discourses and networks in the definition of major health problems and their specific management in different European countries. From a transnational perspective, our research discusses traditional research focused mainly on national traditions as explanatory contexts. The main hypothesis is that, from the inter-war period, international cooperation has become increasingly important as an unavoidable reference to explain national strategies challenging health disasters, food aid, epidemics, social diseases and public policies.

Health disaster and international cooperation in time of crisis. Europe 1918-1945 is a co-ordinated project composed of two sub-projects:

1: International sanitary alert and food aid. It covers the following topics in a transversal way:

1. Health and hunger alerts: the international response;

2.The international regulation of toxic products: the case of DDT;

3. Experimental research on vaccines;

4. Patents and the internationalization of the pharmaceutical industry and

5. The origin of environmental toxicology.

2: Past and present in the control of neglected poverty diseases: the historical example of mediterranean europe and international health cooperation.It includes:

1. Health policies and community intervention in the fight against diseases of poverty: health campaigns and dispensaries;

2. Promotion and education for health: visiting nurses and the importance of the prophylactic barrier;

3. The role of nutrition in the eradication of poverty neglected diseases;

4. International cooperation during the inter-war period and the early years of WHO;

5. The struggle of Mediterranean Europe against neglected poverty-related diseases and the role of the international

sanitary movement.