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Grupo Asesor Internacional – SANHISOC

Grupo Asesor Internacional

El grupo de investigación cuenta con el asesoramiento externo y las críticas de un Comité Asesor Internacional compuesto por los siguientes miembros:

  • Prof. Astri Andresen, Professor of History, Vice-Rector of the University of Bergen (Norway) and leader of the project of investigation funded by the Norwegian Research Council “Methodological approaches to international contries and knowledge exchanges”.
  • Prof. Steven Sturdy, Professor of Sociology of Science at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and director of the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum.
  • Prof. Lucia Pozzi, Professor of Historical Demography at theUniversity of Sassari (Italy) and President of SIDES (Società Italiana di Economía, Demografia e Statistica).
  • Prof. Peter Scholliers, Professor Department of History, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Founder of the Research Group FOST, Social and Cultural Food Studies. A specialist in history of nutrition, food and living standards. Web.